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Provides Clean, Renewable Energy.

We have over 10 years of experience in this area of business, and we strive to achieve an equitable, just and sustainable energy transition.

Optimal Positioning

Maximize your energy output with optimal solar panel placement!

Solar Solution as per Your Profile

Get the customized design based
on the energy consumption profile
of your home or your business

Energy Efficiency & Conservation

Reduce your reliance on grid- supplied electricity

Budgetary Constraints

Power up your savings while
staying within your budget

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Enabling Expertus .

Who We Are.

Enabling Expertus a sister company of N-viro Pak (Engineers & Consultant), Specialized in high quality Design, Project Management, Operation and maintenance work in solar energy sector. The company was established in 2008 and has a proven track of completing major projects across country and maintain a track record to provide excellent quality services to our clients.

What is Net-metering System?
Net metering is an electricity billing mechanism that allows consumers who generate some or all of their own electricity to use that electricity anytime, instead of when it is generated.

Advantages of Net Metering

• Your surplus electricity will not go to futile rather in lieu thereof your electricity bills be reduced accordingly resulting a considerable saving in your monthly budget.

• This is an easy system with less spending which does not need any expensive battery etc.

• You can avoid all issues of WAPDA such as Power load shedding or low voltage

• Maintenance cost of said system is quite nominal.

• System itself pays off its capital cost within 3 to 5 years whereas life of system is more than 25 years.

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Residential Solar Solutions

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